Sunday, November 1, 2009

October-rainy season-mostly uneventful

We didn't do much during the month of October. It's been wetter than usual so the prospect of doing anything serious has been hampered. We discovered a few very important things though that will help in the future when we extend the road out to the back. During wet seasons, we have a few creeks that flow across the place...and a bonus...the place that we thought must have been a stock tank 20 years ago...filled up with water and appears to be holding it quite well. Another project...dredge it out and make it useful again. There is a spot that looks like it was struck by lightening and all of the trees are dried to a crisp. I gathered up a bag of Texas Elm seeds and went out this weekend to spread them. Hopefully, they'll take. Here are some pictures taken the last couple of trips out there.