Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Burning

So...we finally have a couple of nice days in the middle of Winter. Time to start burning all of the brush that we've accumulated. Here is a picture of Ann feeding the fire. After almost burning down the woods, we decided it would be safer to use the "burn" barrels for what I bought them for. In about two hours we had reduced a pretty good pile of brush to ash. That's me, feeding the flames. Once we had the first brush pile going and under control, we didn't want to add more to it because it was starting to get late and we needed to let it die down before we left. We decided to go for a stroll. Below, I'm pacing off a potential building site.
While we waited for the fire to die down, we took apart the blown down cabana and stacked the pieces. Here you can see what was left. I'm hopeful that we'll be able to rebuild it.
Fire! Fire! We had some serious heat going on.
After a full afternoon of burning brush in a barrel, we drove off into this sunset. It was a good day!