Friday, June 25, 2010

A weekend of blood, sweat and no tears

These are pictures from June, but I never posted them. I'll try to catch up. The three of us have been trying to stay ahead of the rapic growth this summer and it has been a losing battle. That combined with everything going on in our lives, it has been a real struggle getting anything done. That said, Todd bought a lawn tractor and we have been taking advantage of it and really doing some clearing. We went nuts when these pictures were taken and cut down a pretty good roadway.
We cleared a good area for relaxing.
It's always a lot of fun camping out here. Of course, we're "boon docking" the whole time. All running on generators, propane and water tanks.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Trying to stay ahead of the growth

After a month of being involved in other aspects of life, finally able to get back out to the ranch and resume the work. Little did we know that things were growing as fast as ever. Here I am, getting my boots on. The typical routine is to put on my work boots and then dust myself with sulfur to keep the chiggers away. Here is Ann getting ready for a day at the Ranch. Since the ground now has 2 feet of fresh growth, she's not about to step away from the truck. So...feet propped in one hand and soda in the other, she's all set. When I bought the weed whacker at the Tractor Supply, the guy asked me how much I was going to be trying to clear with that thing. As it turns out, not that much. After making about a 20' swipe, I was pretty much wiped out. I'm sure the 98 degree temp had nothing to do with it. So, time to fire up the old lawn mower and see if I can clear a path back to Todd's cabin site. It's only 1290 feet from the front driveway. Of course, pushing a lawn mower through high weeds and grass isn't as easy as it looks. Here's a couple of pictures to show the path that I cut. My poor shed after the beating it took from the high winds of the storms that came through. Todd and I had to pack all of the flooring back to the site because we don't have a driveable path that goes that far back. However, we got it put in and after a month, it's held up just fine, in spite of the heavy rain that we've had out here. We started bringing lumber in and staging it. Once we have enough to frame up the walls, we'll put it up in a weekend. The real hard work is just hauling it back through the woods.
A picture I took before I mowed.