Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Irony of it all

It strikes me so ironic that the last couple of months of summer last year were so dry and hot that every county in Texas had a burn ban in effect. We were in the process of clearing trees for our driveway and couldn't burn any of it and the volume was quite large...we just started dragging everything to the side and piling it up.
There was more to work on than just the road too. There was a fence to build, gates to install, the fenceline to clear of all the saplings that were destined to grow into the perimeter fence and ruin it.
The month of May was mostly dry but when it rained it poured and it was impossible to get anything done.
In June, Eric got a staph infection and was in the hospital and Ann had a kidney removed. So, June was out of the equation. We did some work in July but when August hit and the 100 degree temps were everyday. We had more than 69 triple digit temps in 2009.
But...once it hit triple digits and stayed was almost impossible to get much work done.
When it's so hot that water is dripping off of you in the shade, trust me, you don't have much energy to be clearing out trees.
Everyone was tired of the heat. Everyone was wishing for some rain to end the drought.
Well, we got our wish. When it started raining, it kept raining. It rains most days now. Fall was cold and wet, winter was colder and wetter. This winter has been colder globally than it has been in 30 years. I've had to wear a coat everyday since the week before thankgiving. The mud is so deep at the ranch that every step is a squishy one. There are streams running across our driveway path. At least I know where to lay culverts now. I also know a couple of good spots for stock tanks.
I would love nothing more than go out and finish burning the brush. But, it keeps raining. I guess I'm just used to the old fashioned Texas Winters where it's cold for a day or two and then it's sunny again. Well, not this year. I'm just going to have to wait until Spring comes. Maybe since we have had a cold winter, we won't have such a dry hot summer. We can always hope, right?