Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Framing has begun

We hand carried every single stick of lumber through the trails we cut. So every piece you see here was carried 1200 feet from where we park. Once we got all of the lumber hauled back to the site, it was time to start framing. We all managed to pick a free weekend (labor day weekend) and we got busy. I loaded up everything into the RV and hooked it up. It is always a good time when I'm able to work side by side along with my sons. The worse thing about the whole thing was that I realized that the sun was simple sucking all of my energy out of me. If I moved into the shade I was fine or if the sun was blocked by a cloud. The second that the sun was directly on me, I would almost black out. I realized that my blood pressure medicine specifically says "avoid direct sunlight", but I didn't think it would be my Kryptonite. The pictures below will tell the story and you'll be able to see how things came together. Not too bad for a couple of guys that really don't know anything about carpentry. Laying out the first section. Two walls up and braced.
Me and Eric standing under the only shade available.
Four walls up and braced.
Ok, not much of a pitch to the roof, but what can I say? Did I mention that I'm not a carpenter? That is a 1 foot rise over 8 feet.
Todd did reveal a talent for trying to kick over the ladder while he was standing on it. Now I know why his ladder is bent. Ha Ha!

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