Monday, March 26, 2012

Springtime - Once Again

Well...we have all been extremely busy and as a result, much of the time we go out to the Circle-H, we go just to check on things. As dry as things were this past summer, nothing much changed. The clearing we made for a road was quite obvious and we could see everything that needed to be done.
This January, we got out there and burned up another few brush piles but it seems that we just keep making more. We lost a lot of trees over the summer due to the drought. Then all of a sudden the weather has changed and we've been getting rain. Our pond is full to the brim, which makes me wish that I hadn't procrastinated renting a backhoe to dig it out better while it was dry.
Last week Ann and I went out to "check on things" and found ourselves, once again, in a jungle. Here are some pictures for your entertainment.
"Here we are! Didn't this driveway used to be longer than this?"
"Uh, How high are these weeds?"
"They are taller than me.", Said Ann.
"I guess I'll try to cut a path through here."
"This stuff is sticky."
"Okay, I know what you're thinking...but the gun is loaded with shot case of snakes."
"Hey, have you seen the shed? I think it's around here somewhere."

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