Sunday, July 8, 2012

Driveway Clearing (again)

Well...we sure had our work cut out for us but after many hours of clearing, running the trimmer, chainsaw and mower, we finally have the road cleared(again). I had plans to get 36 yards of road base brought in but at the last moment it rained and I didn't dare to have a dump truck come in with too much risk of it getting stuck.

Here are some new pictures to show the work I've been doing compared to the last batch of pictures. I did a lot of burning in the barrel because we still don't have water but we have put up a deposit to get a water meter put in.  When the barrel is full, I usually sit back relax and take it easy until it is time to add more wood.

I only had to stir up the coals from the week before and it started right up when I added sticks.  It must have been really hot to stay going for a whole week.

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